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Learn the System

The entire system is object-oriented and all application components have metadata definitions. Application behavior can be changed just by changing the metadata.

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Reap the Benefits

MaxBlox is architected for flexibility and ease of use. The entire system is based on a detailed and comprehensive Metadata structure.

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We take great pride in partnering with companies provide cutting edge solutions and help us continue to do what we do everyday.

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Customer issue resolution, employee on-boarding, partner deal registration, insurance claim processing, security incident handlingand response are many typical incidents a firm has to deal with in the course of doing business. Clear andtimely resolution of these and other cases depends on staff to assess the problem athand,have access to theright systems anddata,and collaborate across multiple functions, teams, and regions. Relying on people to accurately handle all these details isinefficient and risky, resulting in inconsistency, expensive rework, work backlogs, missed opportunities, locustomer satisfaction, and slower growth.


MaxFrontDesk is an easy-to-use and flexible case management application that helps businesses get tasks accomplished across the flow ofan incident. MaxFrontDesk provides an easy to use system to enter and handle a case. Roles, users can be assigned to various incidents. Workflow can drive cases through steps for resolution.